Network Attached Storage

Centralized Storage & Home Theater System Wrapped Into One Pretty Package.

Enterprise grade equipment at a consumer price.


Most Advanced & Cost Effective Raid Setup


Expandable & Customizable


Multiple RAID &
Backup Options


Low Energy Design
& Quiet


Redundant Storage

Redundant storage is available in several different configurations.

Not a storage expert?
Not to worry. We're here to help you! 

Hardware RAID


Which RAID level is right for you?

  • RAID 1 - Two drives total are used, with one drive being a bit-for-bit copy of the other drive. If one drive is lost, data is safe on the second drive.
  • RAID 5 - Data is striped (shared) across multiple drives so that at least 1 drive can fail without any data loss. 
  • RAID 6 - Very similar to RAID 5, except two drives can fail without any data loss.


FlexRAID-Digital-Life1+copy copy.png

FlexRAID, a software RAID configuration, is about Unifying & Organizing your data as well as Protecting & Recovering that data in case of disk failure.

Data Protection - Live Data Reconstruction on disk failure or read errors.
Storage Pooling - Merge all drives into one Volume

  • Drive Health Monitoring
  • Powerful Scheduler
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Centralized Host Management (Web UI)

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    What happens if one of my drives fail?

    If one of your drives fail, you can simply identify the failing drive and replace it with a new drive.Once replaced, the RAID Controller will often detect a new drive and begin rebuilding the parity for the storage array.


    Network Attached Storage

    Made Easy


    Assassin NAS comes with Windows 10 & a preconfigured PLEX server.


    Just add media to your folders and let the magic begin.



    • Redundant storage
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Quiet Design & Components
    • Flexible Case Offerings
    • Pre-Wired Options for Drive Expansioin
    • Content Ripping & Metadata
    • 1 Gbps Network Capabilities
    • HDMI/DVI/VGA Video Connections


    E X T E N D E R S

    Intuitive navigation & perfect playback. 
    Connect NAS & browse all of your media.


    Anytime. Anywhere.

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    Don't have an extender?
    We've got you covered.

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