Media Extender

Small Size, Low Price, Big Results

Assassin Media Extenders are extremely low priced and small sized systems that come preconfigured with Assassin customized software so they are ready to use within minutes of opening the box! 

They can be used as standalone streaming players and as an extender that will allow you to view your entire stored media library at additional locations around your house.

  • View Your Media in Other Locations
  • Same Gorgeous Interface
  • Integrated Video Streaming
  • Stream Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Pictures
  • Capable of being Locked Down
  • Parental Control Ready
  • Live TV Capable
  • 4K Ready
  • HD Audio Passthrough
  • Hundreds of Video Add-Ons Ready to Use

Finally Cut the Cord Forever
Automatic Integration with your Assassin HTPC System
Ready to Go Out of the Box!

Save $$$ and buy media extenders for a discounted price as add-on items when customizing your main Assassin HTPC!