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The Ultimate
Gaming system

Your Experience

Let's transform your perception of gaming. Whether your on the couch or at the office, our systems are custom designed & hand built to fit your lifestyle and elevate your gameplay.

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Graphics Card

The graphics card is arguably the most important component in any gaming system. Whether your after a budget-friendly build for basic games, or a 4K power-house capable of playing everything out there, Assassin has something for everyone. Choose a GPU that fits your specific needs.



Each motherboard offering from Assassin is thoroughly tested to find the right balance between performance and reliability. We've spent countless hours benchmarking and testing each model to make sure your next system lives up to the promise of world-class performance we sell with every system. Whether your after a certain aesthetic (lighting), built-in WiFi, or SLI video cards, there is an option for everyone.



Fast boot up and load times for games is a must in any high performance computer. That's why every Assassin system (including the Suppressor Series) comes standard with a solid-state drive. Simply put, SSD's are faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives.



Every Assassin Suppressor Series system includes the latest and greatest Intel 8th generation Coffee Lake processor, featuring 6 cores of raw power to enhance your gaming experience. More cores translates to a better overall gaming and computing experience, and increases FPS in the most demanding games.

Custom Design



Assassin has hand-selected and thoroughly tested each case offered in the Assassin Supressor series. Each case is promised to meet the high quality standards we set for everyone product we offer. Whether your after something quiet, flashy, or minimal, there is a case for everyone.


Three letters: RGB. You asked for it and we're here to deliver. No gaming computer is complete without it. Give your system a unique look and style with color-changing chassis fans, CPU coolers, RAM, and case lighting.