Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an Assassin pre-built HTPC better than a PC from a big store?
Quality Standards:
Put yourself in the mind of the CEO at a large PC company. Your customers want to buy stats — specific CPU, “x” amount of RAM and hard drive space, etc. So you take the lowest bid to get these stats to maximize your profit and hope your customers won’t know the difference. Assasin HTPC has the exact opposite philosophy. A computer is much more than statistics. We build HTPCs with the best consumer grade components. Each piece of hardware is researched and chosen individually. We have a “no cut corners” approach to our hardware selection which results in a HTPC with impeccable quality both inside and out.

Long Term Usability:
The large PC companies also often use proprietary connections on many of their components. That means that in 3 years if your power supply decides to quit you have to either buy a new one from the large PC company (assuming they have any) or buy a completely new PC as these parts are not always readily available. Another thing that many of the large PC companies do is hinder some of the options in bios resulting in decreased performance or flexibility in options. This will never be the case with an Assassin HTPC.

Eliminate Bloatware:
If you have ever bought a PC from a large company you undoubtedly have noticed the boatload of bloatware that comes preloaded on your PC. This is software that the large PC company was paid to include on your PC by other companies. These programs usually run at startup automatically and are very difficult to remove. Even if you took the time to remove all of the programs manually you are still left with numerous changes to your Windows installation which slows down your computer. We install only the absolute minimum to get you HTPC running and will never include any bloatware.

Price - Performance Ratios:
Finally you will notice that because we have low overhead, and grass routes marketing, our HTPCs are at the same price point or even less than those from a large PC company. ...All the while having higher quality parts, lean/optimized operations with absolutely no bloatware.
How is an Assassin pre-built HTPC better than one I can build myself?Our parts selection is heavily researched and our HTPCs are professionally built. But the thing that sets us apart is our expertise in building Home Theater PCs. Your Assassin HTPC will come pre-assembled with Windows installed and your bios optimized for the components in your machine. The heart and soul of the HTPC is the user interface and media playback - set and ready for you to use as soon as you receive it. After viewing a few short tutorials included on your Assassin HTPC you will be ready to begin adding and enjoying media within minutes. Compare that to the dozens of hours that it would take you to build, troubleshoot, install software and configure software on a HTPC that you tried to build yourself.
How much information can I store on an Assassin pre-built HTPC?Each HTPC comes with a 4TB hard drive (that’s 2000 gigabytes) which is one of the largest currently available. If the average mp3 is 4MB, that’s 500,000 songs. Or if the average downloaded HD movies is 2-4GB that is 500-1000 downloaded HD movies. If you ever were to fill up this hard drive external hard drive(s) could be easily added which could double, triple or even quadruple the amount of available storage.
What other accessories should I consider purchasing initially?Depending upon how much functionality you want from your HTPC and what components you may already own the minimum recommended system is the HTPC system, a keyboard/mouse combo, a hdmi cable, and a remote control. After selecting your system there are many parts you can customize and add before checking out such as wireless internet, TV tuners, etc. Remember, if are unable to run a wired internet connection to your system you will need a wireless internet adapter. As always if you have any questions please contact us.
I don’t know much about computers. Can I still use an HTPC?Of Course! HTPC’s are incredible machines as basic or advanced as the features you use and add. Furthermore, our custom step by step guides that are included with each system will help you get started with your Assassin HTPC from performing basic functions like adding movies and media to more advanced functions like customizing the appearance, content ripping, 3D playback, automatic commerical removal and hd audio options of your system.
How big is the HTPC Unit? How much noise does it create?Because HTPC’s are created to be used in an entertainment system they are designed to be attractive, small and silent. Our units can be about the size of a shoebox, or match the lookand feel of an audio receiver to give balance to your entertainment center. Our smallest units are about the size of a credit card, and our largest we've built are 100TB mega servers. Almost all of our systems operate at a near whisper so as not to interfere with any media you might be watching or listening to. Some of our systems like the Audiophile AR-1 unit have even been rated as completely silent and makes no noise at all!
Why don’t you just include all accessories in your pricing?Our HTPC’s are all custom built and one-way we keep costs down for you is by not included extra options you may never use. For example, if you don’t ever plan on using your HTPC to watch live HDTV, then you shouldn’t have to pay to have a HDTV tuner card installed. This way you only get exactly what you need and you only pay for what you use. But don’t worry, if you want to add features onto your system after you’ve already receive it you always can.
What if I'm not exactly sure what I need in my system?If you have any questions or concerns about what you might need in your system, or are confused about any of the parts that go into it, please do not hesitate to call or email us so we can talk you through and clear up any confusion you might be feeling! Our ultimate goal is to make sure you get the HTPC that's best for you and your budget! One of the most common themes we see when people build their own is overspending and using components not best suited for their needs. We'll not only explain each component, but also why we chose that specific component for you. It's a personal building and purchasing experience found nowhere else in the world!!!
What is a Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC)?To us a HTPC is a specific computer whose very creation was meant to act as a central hub for entertainment. This goal is echoed in the hardware choices for appropriate performance, minimal power needs, decreased heat and minimal to no noise. It should be able to handle all HD video and audio without flexing at all while not overspending on performance that you will never use in the HTPC platform.

It also should have enough storage (or be attached via a network to enough storage) to playback various HD file types regardless of size. It also should be able to handle 3D video, music, act as a TV tuner and DVR if needed, surf the internet, stream online content such as Netflix and Amazon prime, have the ability to play classic games as an emulator, download and playback torrent files, view family pictures and movies, be capable of playing modern games with an added gaming card while also acting as a general PC if needed.
What is involved in making and setting up a HTPC?To have a HTPC you not only need to be proficient at building a PC but even more importantly you must have a great deal of expertise in setting up the software and compressor-decompressors (codecs). For the novice HTPC user this will take literally dozens of hours spent in building, troubleshooting, installing and configuring your HTPC. Even the enthusiast will spend many hours fine tuning their systems, often times unsuccessfully.

Assassin HTPC has the expertise, experience and knowledge to do all of this for you leaving you with a top of the line system that’s ready to go out of the box.
What software is included on an Assassin HTPC?Our HTPCs are available loaded with all the software that you need to begin using your HTPC literally within minutes. Through our experience and research we have not only installed and optimized Windows based on your hardware but have installed and configured the core programs that you will need to enjoy your HTPC. All of the necessary software that is required to begin enjoying any media is installed and you'll be ready to begin enjoying it within minutes. We also have made it easy for you to “drop” your media into the appropriate files to begin almost immediately. We also include our guide to show you step-by-step how to use your new HTPC.

We have taken out all guess work on how to operate your new HTPC which saves you from a frustrating setup process. Owning a HTPC has never been easier. If you decide that you would just like the machine without the software then this can be purchased as well.
Can my Assassin HTPC replace my TiVo or DVR?Absolutely! There are so many streaming services out today that almost all cable TV can be accessed through a variety of channels. And by adding a tv tuner and using an antenna you can capture free local HD TV channels and your HTPC has built in DVR software for recording! There are also even cable card devices available for purchase from several cable provider as well. Most consider the uncompressed over the air HD signal to be the highest quality HD signal you can get! Contact us for additional details.
How much power does it take to run an HTPC?Assassin HTPC’s use about 32 watts of electricity which is about the same as a DVD player (in comparison a ceiling fan which uses about 120 watts) and far less than a normal computer which can use between 120 watts for energy efficient machines, and up to 300 watts for gaming and other media machines.
How long will it take to receive my HTPC?Because each Assassin HTPC is custom built for our customers please allow up to 21 business days to receive your finished computer from the time the order is placed. Often times it may arrive sooner but customization takes time and each HTPC is built to order and we stress test them for a full 3 days before we send them out!
What is a SSD and why should I get one?A SSD (solid state device) is a storage device with no moving parts, no heat production and blazing fast transfer times. These devices are many times faster than the typical hard drives found in the majority of computers today resulting in blistering startup times and quick Windows response times. SSDs represent the most cutting edge technology at this time and in a few years will be standard on most machines. Our machines offer this amazing technology today for a fraction of what the others charge — if they even offer this technology at all.
How does a HTPC connect to your TV?Thanks to HDMI, a once complicated system of separate audio and video cables is now simplified into a single cable that is able to transmit both audio and video over the same cable. However, DVI and VGA (computer monitor) cables can also be used for older systems. For audio, a digital fiber optic hookup is on board if needed.
Would this make a good “regular” PC?Absolutely! These HTPCs use the most current technology available and would make an outstanding “regular” PC as well. Currently PCs with SSDs are very limited for purchase and often cost well over $1,500. We have several for less than $1,000.
Does a HTPC make a good present?Of course! A HTPC really is the ultimate gadget. A HTPC makes an excellent present, especially to the man/woman that believes they have everything. We’ve built them as presents for all genders and ages. Gifts for men, women, families, college students, service members, grandparents….literally everyone.
Why are you called Assassin HTPC?“Assassin” is the screen name and alias of one of the founders of Assassin HTPC whose expertise and knowledge is well respected in the HTPC world. He has helped thousands of people with building a HTPC over the past 10 years and has been recognized in dozens of publications and on numerous websites. He now aims to make it even easier for consumers to enjoy a high quality home theater system that is ready to use directly out of the box. Since he was already so well respected, people were calling the systems he originally built “Assassin” systems. So we thought we would just stick with the name!
How can a HTPC save me money?Because of all the capabilities of an HTPC many users end up either cancelling or lessening their subscription to other services (cable subscriptions, online movie rentals, movie ticket purchases, Bluray purchases, etc). In our experience most customers are able to cut on average around $50 from their lives each month from subscription and entertainment services they no longer need …and if you download your media then this number grows as quickly as your media collection. Here is an example, one of our customer's sent us a comparison of their monthly bills, both before and after using our system.
BEFORE OWNING AN HTPC = $124.08 / month AFTER OWNING AN HTPC! = $6.38 / month
Of course, this is one of the more extreme examples, but ...not that extreme.