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The Audiophile

The System That Does It All

Ultra High End Audio & Video System


Sound this rich has never been so affordable.

Quality and price point are two (of the many) reasons this is our fastest growing product line.

Ultra high-end Audio Server, 4K Video Player and massive media archive/centralized digital storage unit - all wrapped in to one neat package.

HDMI, SPDIF, Optical or Digital Coax

If you have ever owned or waned to own a dCS Vivaldi®, CH Precision®, Berkeley Reference®, EMM
DAC2X®, Esoteric D-02®, Light Harmonic®, Baetis®, MSB Diamond®, Audio Research Reference®,
Soulution® 560, or a DAC of similar quality... you have only experienced a small portion of what a true Audiophile Media Server can do.

Each component contains hand selected for high end audio components, from gold plated DAC-Up USB's (sound cards) to Onboard Operational Amplifiers and high end audio capacitors, separating PCB layers on the motherboard. This baby hums, but doesn't make a sound.

Assassin's Proprietary Cooling System allows greater user flexibility and protects the hardware from burn-out, which is commonplace in most passive systems found in the audiophile market.

Our bit-streaming is partnered with JRiver, providing users error-free testing of alternative external DACs. Take advantage of JRiver's customizable software to create an audio experience that exceeds all expectations. 

Sound Clarity & Hi-Def Audio, Second to None

We use the most powerful internal components, delivering the highest-quality audio from blu-ray and hi-def streaming websites. Couple that with amazing video capabilities, and you have yourself an unbeatable system.  



I am interested in you guys building a HTPC for me.  For context, I have a upper 5 figure 2 channel audio system, TAD, Dartzeel, Lampizator stuff.  I say that to let you know that I am not into a tight budget setup.  I prefer the best audio video quality I can get.

I have had multiple audio PC built over the years...and spent way too much time on Computer Audiophile forum.  I am trying to simplify this build.

I have been using my 2 channel setup for audio and video use.  I have now separated them into 2 systems.  I will be getting a Lyngdorf MP50 pre/pro doing a 7.1 setup and eventually moving into a more immersive system with overhead speakers and multiple subs. So I want to do all the latest and greatest multi channel audio formats.

So my first question is what do you recommend for audio coming out of the HTPC.  I have always used optimized USB sound cards like SOtM or JCat.  I would assume that higher qualify sound would come via USB compared to HDMI.  But it seems for HT people just default to HDMI for convenience.  I could be wrong on that.

I also am aware that Lyngdorf has an AES/EBU module that is an option that has superior sound quality and works well with different exotic amp setup.  I figure if I was to use AES I would just USB into a converter box and output AES to the pre/pro.  I am just putting that out there and am pretty unclear on the specifics of that.

So to USB multi channel or HDMI multi channel for the best sound quality?  I have also read that people come off the GPU card for their audio.  That sounds like heresy to a computer audiophile purist... :-)


Christopher Whitten

Hi Christopher,


We have built Audiophile PC's for many customers over the years and it seems many end up with HDMI. Some customers have older processors or receivers with multichannel audio in, over s/pdif, either coax or optical. For a while USB was the way to go but about a year ago HDMI surpassed USB and more customers were forgoing sound cards. I think the biggest gripe was the latency of USB vs HDMI. HDMI has came along way and now has up to 18gbps bandwidth, far more than USB.


So yes it does sound like heresy but, we have been passing the audio over HDMI for the majority of our customers. Most people are using the onboard HDMI but some do request video cards for gaming. The onboard graphics nowadays can support UHD 4K HDR10. This is possible with Intel's newest generation processor Coffee Lake. They will push out future updates that will enable better HDR standards and Dolby Vision. A video card is not worth the money now unless you are a serious gamer due to the price hike from all of the cryptocurrency miners. Audio wise, these new chipsets keep getting better. They utilize the Realtek ACL1220 codec that allows you to pass DSD natively over HDMI if your receiver supports it. If it does not it will be in PCM like flac and other audio formats. They also passthrough HD audio (Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD and DTS-X) to your receiver.


Each system we build is a one off, so we can build it however you'd like because we always want the customer to receive the system they desire. We just provide information about what has worked for most customers.Hope this information helps.


Also, we are in the process of overhauling our website. Our processors and video cards are out of date on the website but we always use the latest and greatest. I can put together a custom quote for you if you'd like. Do you have any requirements for the case, storage or memory?


Talk soon,

Pat B. -Assassin Engineer

Dimensions: 12.8"x17.3"x6.0" (get from Pat)

  • 8th Gen.....
  • Get Specs From (from Jot Form)
    • Internal Storage
    • SSD
    • silent option
    • Proprietary Cooling System
    • Optimized JRiver Audio Software
    • Soundproof paneling
    • 4K Video Capable
    • Video Streaming Setup
    • HDMI, Fiber Optic, Coax Digital SPDIF outs 
    • Gold Plated Display and Audio Ports
    • DAC UP USB Port
    • High End Nichicon Audio Capacitors
  • 120 GB SSD for OS and Programs
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 4 TB (1x4TB) Internal Storage
  • SSD Only Storage Upgrade Available
  • Totally Silent Operation (see audio tests!)
  • Quad Core Audio Processor
  • AMP UP Audio Technology w/ upgradeable OP-AMP
  • Audio Noise Guard w/ LED Path Lighting
  • FLAC, WAV, ALAC Capable
  • Blu-ray Drive (quietest rated slot loading drive)
  • ATX 3D Motherboard
    • 3D Ready
    • HDMI, DVI, VGA video
    • Display Port x1
    • Digital, Coax, Optical and Analog audio
    • USB 3.0 x6
    • USB 2.0 x3
    • Gigabit LAN
    • SATAIII Connection
  • Platinum Rated Completely Silent Internal PSU
  • Tablet Control Capable
  • Control System Capable
  • Assassin Setup Guides Included
  • Windows 10 (Configured for Audiophile Use)
  • Assassin Ultimate Setup+J River Premier Audio Setup (Installed)

  Audio Details

  • 10 Channels HD Audio
  • Lossless Audio
  • Zero Latency Audio
  • Bit-Streaming Audio