Mediabrowser Appearance Guide

Mediabrowser Appearance Guide by "assassin"

The following is completely optional but will allow you to change the look of your Assassin HTPC by adding a theme called "Pearl" and a plug-in called "CoverArt". Unfortunately these excellent additions cost a few dollars to pay the developer but in my opinion are worth it. Currently Pearl is $6 and CoverArt is $4. Or alternatively you can purchase the "Classic Bundle" for $10 which includes both of these plug-ins and trailers.

One additional download you will need is BAS Skins manager which has dozens of skins that you can use for the Pearl theme. This is free.

There are other components and software that you will need to make this work but fortunately as an Assassin HTPC customer this was already installed an configured for you!

1. Install Pearl, CoverArt and the BAS Skins manager and select Pearl as your theme. Choose "cover flow" in the settings inside mediabrowser to display the folders like I have them shown.

2. For BAS Skins I currently use "dnicks Orange clear" although you can experiment around with the different skins and see which one you like the best.

3. Next let's setup mediabrowser using the configurator. This is the way that I have my folders structured but you can structure yours however you like. Here you can see a custom logo that I made. Assassin HTPC customers have default folders that have been created but can alter this scheme to fit their needs if desired.

4. Here are more of the settings that you can use. For weather enter your zip code instead of the Yahoo ID. Assassin HTPC customers will have these settings already configured.

5. This is how my main screen looks with artwork that I added. Assassin HTPC customers will have a custom "Assassin HTPC" wallpaper as their background.

6. There are thousands of other possible setting combinations and Assassin HTPC customers will have these pre-configured and optimized for their HTPCs. Finally inside mediabrowser configurator select the plug-ins and configure the cover art plug-in. These are my settings in coverart.

8. Now close mediabrowser if you have not already done so and right click on the mediabrowser active app icon which is running in the folder at the bottom right of your desktop screen (under hidden icons by the clock on your desktop). Once you are inside here click to clear the cache including images. This will delete all images stored in mediabrowser forcing them to reload with your new settings.

9. Now restart mediabrowser. If your new images did not load click on the wrench in the upper right screen to enter the menu (this is easily done with your remote control if you purchased one for Assassin HTPC).

10. Once inside the menu click on "Update Library". This will force mediabrowser to update it again this time from inside mediabrowser.

Assassin HTPC Trick: Did you know you can manually refresh an individual folder by pressing "Ctrl" and "R" at the same time? Try it!

The finished product:


MakeMKV guide now available under the "Guide" tab