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This guide is filled with tons of amazing guides and walkthroughs about various add-ons, complimentary programs, customizations and other tips and tricks to help you maximize your HTPC experience.

Keep in mind most of our guides pick up where the Assassin Downloadable Setup ends!  Your settings and look might different than what is shown if you configured your system yourself.

Even though our Download Setup gives you an Instant HTPC ready to go in just minutes, there still might be some things found in his blog that you want to add to your system.

Our Assassin Downloadable Setup is truly revolutionary, making ANY Windows 7 or Windows 10 or Mac computer an instant HTPC in literally just a few minutes.  It won't change any registry items, won't mess with your operating system, won't erase data, and is completely malware, spyware (and every other type of ware) free.

It's already being recognized as a revolutionary step for the HTPC community.

Just imagine, you just finished your hardware build, or cleaning off the dust of an old system...and now you sit down knowing you have most of the day in configuring your HTPC the way you want it.

Now, with the Assassin Downloadable Setup, in just a few minutes you have a fully ready to go HTPC.  No more needing to fine tuning settings, visiting dozens of sites to downloading a handful of programs, spending countless hour installing and configuring and days researching.

We've done it ALL for you in one easy .exe file.

And we mean ALL!

We hope you enjoy these guides and they give you some extra benefits that is the gravy on top of an already exceptional setup!


Assassin HTPC and Server Guides Now Free

As a thank you to the community that has made my guides possible I am now to the point where I can host them for free. This was made possible by all the subscribers that supported the guides over the past many months. I am now at a point where I hope the advertising dollars I can generate will pay for the guides each month and allow them to continue for the foreseeable future. Again, thanks to all the supporters who have made this possible.

As, I have always said --- enjoy the (free) guides!