Software Configurations

*Assassin Ultimate Configuration and “Out of the Box” Setup*

The only systems to offer all the best HTPC modications in one place!

Over 30 hours of custom configuration and 1,350+ HTPC specific modifications!

Now with four included software setups of XBMC (Kodi), Mediabrowser 3, WMC, and Plex in a single discounted package that allows you to manage and experience your media in a way only an Assassin HTPC can deliver! 

"The Ultimate Assassin set up is everything you need to maximize your HTPC experience
and start enjoying your Assassin HTPC from the first time you boot up the machine."

(see full modification list below)

So Which User Interface Should You Use? XBMC, Mediabroswer 3, Plex or WMC?

Assassin's Front-End Comparison Guide

Assassin's Suggestions:

For Live TV -
Use WMC or XBMC with the ServerWMC plugin (check our guides).

For Overall Expeirence -
Use XBMC (Kodi), its most robust, has tons of options and customizations with gorgeous interface and skin options, but does require a little bit of learning for the new user (luckily your Assassin HTPC has guides for that!).

For Ease of Use -
Try out Plex.  With its basic netflix type look it won't confuse anyone.  And you can play it across any type of electronic device anywhere in the world (Phones, PC's, Laptops, Androids, Mac's, PC's, etc!)



Assassin's Ultimate Configuration and “Out of the Box” Setup:

Now with four included software setups of XBMC (Kodi), Mediabrowser 3, WMC, and Plex in a single discounted package that allows you to manage and experience your media in a way only an Assassin HTPC can deliver! 

  • Manage and view your media collection using WMC, XBMC, Mediabrowser and Plex.
  • Have access to your media across any platforms and any device (Mac, phone, PC, tablet, etc) anywhere in the world.
  • Enjoy hundreds of HTPC specific customizations and dozens of programs configured to work in perfect harmony 
  • 1350+ XBMC add-ons (video, music, movie, program, picture and more)
  • Chose Mediabrowser plug-ins
  • WMC integration plug-ins
  • Pre-installed and configured audio/vidoe codecs to allow instant enjoyment of your media.
  • Only HTPC system available anywhere in the world configured with plug and play functionality that is ready to use directly out of the box. 

The Assassin Ultimate Configuration Includes (but not limited to):

General Setup:

·         88 Point Assassin Quality Control Build Checklist

  • Bios Configuration specific for HTPC use
  • System Driver Installation
  • Power Settings configured for HTPC use
  • Setup and mapping of media folders
  • Setup and mapping of system folders
  • HTPC friendly Antivirus Installation
  • HD Video codec installation and configuration
  • HD Audio codec installation and configuration
  • Bitstreaming HD Audio installation, testing and configuration
  • HD Audio Sample Files
  • Hardware Monitoring Software
  • Windows Installation and configuration specific for HTPC use
  • Windows Upgrades
  • Specific Startup Programs Selected and configured for best HTPC experience
  • 3rd party Remote-in Support Software Installation
  • Fully Licensed Mediabrowser (enables all plug-ins)
  • Custom Windows Media Center Theme + 50 additional Themes
  • Custom Mediabrowser Media Folder Icons
  • Mediabrowser Advanced Theme Configured
  • Assassin Selected Mediabrowser Plug-Ins for best HTPC experience
  • Proprietary Assassin XBMC Interface
  • Assassin Selected XBMC Plug-ins for best HTPC experience
  • Interactive Weather Forecasts
  • Automatic Library Updating
  • Ipad/Iphone Control Installed
  • Tablet control Ready
  • Airplay Capable
  • Plex Server Software Installed and Configured
  • Automatic metadata retrieval program installation and configuration
  • Trademarked Assassin HTPC Tutorials
  • XBMC (Kodi - latest stable version)
  • Mediabrowser 3 Server (latest stable version)
  • Mediabrowser 3 Theatre
  • Plex (latest stable version)
  • All XBMC (Kodi) Add-ons installed
  • Select XBMC (Kodi) Add-ons activated 
  • Video Plaugins
  • Select Mediabrowser 3 plugins
  • Networking all players to media folders for all media options
  • Select Video Add-ons (Icefilms, Genesis, YIFY Movies)
  • Popcorn Time Movie Program
  • WMC Plugins
  • MCE Buddy 
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Make MKV (trial)
  • WMC Theme Studio
  • Auto Rip & Compress
  • Web-Browser for XBMC
  • FlickR
  • Google
  • iPhoto
  • Gmail
  • PseudoTV
  • TV Tunes
  • TV Guide
  • MCEMote
  • Fanart
  • Facebook
  • Next Aired
  • Amazon
  • Grooveshark music plugin
  • iTunes Library plugin
  • Karaoke plugin
  • MT V Music Video plugin
  • Music Video Jukebox
  • Radio plugin
  • Yahoo Music Video
TV Show Streaming Plug-ins
  • CBS
  • College Humor
  • DIY Network
  • ESPN
  • Food
  • Fox Sports
  • Fox News
  • Free Cable
  • Funny or Die
  • Game Test
  • HGTV
  • KidsWB
  • MTV Music Videos
  • MTV Shows
  • Nickolodean
  • Sesame Street
  • Sports Devil
  • Ted Talks
  • Movie Trailers
  • The Weather Channel
  • TMZ
  • Youtube
  • And more! 
XBMC Repo Add-Ons Installed:
  • All XBMC (Kodi) Repos installed